Vibeke Orlien

Vibeke Orlien

Associate Professor

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    My research concern food technologies and effects on food components and their properties, including protein modification and stability in relation to functionality and product development. Focus is on how processing methods and non-thermal technologies, especially high hydrostatic pressure, affects molecules in relation to structural changes and chemical reactions from molecular size to macroscopic levels based on molecular and mechanistic understanding to support practical functional food design. In addition, to assess the nutritional benefits of processing of food materials, thus the assessment of the in vitro protein digestibility (IVPD) of raw materials and plant-based products after processing, e.g. extrusion, high pressure and fermentation, like meat analogues, and relationship with protein functionality. Thereby, clarify concepts and opportunity on how to increase the digestion potential of raw (protein) plant materials and the processed materials and products. I am interested in supporting a true sustainable food production, which is based on an evaluation of raw material, production, consumption and protein utilization.

    • Food chemistry and physics in relation to food processing and storage
    • Thermodynamics in food
    • High pressure methods for food processing and effects on food components and their properties
    • High pressure induced protein changes in meat, milk and plant products with focus on texture and protein digestibility
    • Development of new foods by different processing methods including non-thermal processing technologies


    Current PhD project:

    Coupling of chemical and spectroscopic protein analytical tools with structure modification and physicochemical properties, Yuqi Zhang


    Recent research projects

    Project manager (PI): HYDROPHOBINS: Specialized Proteins for Food (HFBfood), Novo Nordisk Fonden (Plant Science, Agriculture and Food Biotechnology), 2023-2025.

    Project manager (PI): Development of high quality grass-protein foods (HQProtein), GUDP, 2023-2025.

    WP-leader: Produktion af nye proteinrige fødevareingredienser ved fermentering af organiske restprodukter (SvampeMad), GUDP, 2023-2025.

    Work package leader: Advancing the Quality of plant-based Raw materials and Ingredients for Food applications (AQRIFood), Innomission 3 – AgriFoodTure, 2022-2023.

    Project manager (PI): Improvement of oat bread baking performance by high pressure processing, Lantmännens Forskningsstiftelse, 2022-2023.

    Project manager (PI): Next generation of non-soy tofu, Lantmännens Forskningsstiftelse, 2022.


    Scientific organizer

    Host and organizer of the 11th International Conference on High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology (HPBB2022), July 2022

    Organizer of the virtual International Conference on High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology (HPBB2021), July 2021

    Workshop leader for the 1st International workshop "food processing for preserving bioactive and nutritional compounds", July 2016


    Teaching and supervision

    Supervisor for national and international PhD students and postdoc

    Supervisor for undergraduate and graduate students in collaboration with small and large companies


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