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Vibeke Orlien

Vibeke Orlien

Associate Professor

Research activities:

  • High pressure induced modifications of proteins and lipid in meat and milk.
  • Development of new meat and dairy products by non-thermal processing technologies.


Research area

My major research area are thermodynamics in food chemistry with emphasis on:

  1. High pressure methods in food processing and the effects on food components and their properties, including oxidative stability and protein modification
  2. Characterization of phase transitions in foods with special importance on glass transition in relation to temperature and moisture, and encapsulation of food ingredients
  3. Microscopic molecular mobility and molecular diffusion in dried and frozen foods with special importance on lipid oxidation. 


Supervision and teaching

Supervisor for 2 post.doc and researcher in charge for a Marie Curie FP7 IEF post.doc. fellow.

  • Francisco J. B. Orellana, 2015-2017, Mechanistic modeling of the formation of bioactive compounds in high pressure processed sprouts of Brussels sprouts for effective solution to preserve healthy compounds in vegetables.
  • Alberto Grossi, 2009-2012, New Gourmet pork products obtained through molecular understanding of alternative pig breeds and high pressure technology.
  • Tomas Bolumar, 2010-2011, Antioxidant active packaging for meat treated by high pressure.

Co-supervisor for 3 PhD students.

  • Martina Vavrusova, 2013, Calcium binding to low molecular weight compounds and health promoting products.
  • Katrhine H. Bak, 2012, Color changes in pork in relation to high pressure treatment.
  • Riikka Raitio, 2011, Mechanisms of quality deterioration in dry food powder and paste.


Supervisor for 8 visiting PhD students and postdoc.

Supervisor for more than 30 undergraduate students.

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