Merete Bøgelund Munk
Merete Bøgelund Munk

Assistant professor

Research Areas

Structure and physical stability of colloidal food systems is my primary field of research. Especially the molecular behavior and interactions among ingredients, such as lipids, emulsifiers, and stabilizers, and how these affect food structure on a macroscopic and microscopic level. The research project I am currently working on is about substituting saturated fat with unsaturated fat in ice creams. The aim is to develop an alternative dispersed lipid network that is not based on triglycerides. This is achieved by modifying the surfaces and the interior of fat droplets, for instance by making oleogel based ice creams. This project is carried out in collaboration with AAK AB.      



Giving lectures in the MSc courses, Food Colloids and Food Ingredients and Structure Design. Assisting teaching in the compulsory BSc course food chemistry (physical chemistry).

ID: 34435435