Staff of the Department of Food Science – University of Copenhagen

Pia Snitkjær

Pia Snitkjær

I have experience with research, teaching and communication 



Primary fields of research

  • Food chemistry and culinary techniques
  • Flavour development during cooking of beef stocks
  • Cooking with alcoholic beverages
  • Processing of cured fish - developing of new microwave technology

Current research

New microwave technology for the food industry

Development of new microwave technology that is believed to shorten the processing time in the production of salmon and other cured foods. The technology implies a non-thermal pre-treatment of the salmon in the microwave oven. The supposed increase in production rate as a result of the microwave treatment will be tested and the underlying mechanisms investigated.

Cooking with beer

Beer is increasingly used as an ingredient when preparing a wide range of dishes. There is however very limited knowledge on the alcohol retention during preparation. A small study investigates the ethanol retention during cooking of various dishes. The aim is to get a more basic understanding of which factors have an effect on the retained alcohol during cooking, in which way and to what degree.


Supervision: Bachelor students and undergraduate group projects


  • Developing curriculum for bachelor course, which included preparation of new practical kitchen exercises and the instruction manual. Teaching and responsible for the kitchen lab course for two years.
  • Teaching on the Master of Science degree in Food Innovation and Health (language: English). It included lecturing and theoretical exercises on two different courses both of which integrated various food science disciplines with a practical understanding of culinary techniques.
  • Teaching in 'Molecular Gastronomy' on a course for chefs and other gastronomes, organized by University of Copenhagen and University of Aalborg 


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