Jeanette Otte

Jeanette Otte

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

  • Enzymatic modification and hydrolysis to improve functional properties of milk proteins, e.g. gelation and foaming
  • Production of bioactive peptides from food proteins (e.g. ACE-inhibitory, antioxidant, antiinflammatory)
  • Analysis of milk proteins and identification of peptides (CZE, RP-HPLC, LC-MS and LC-MS/MS)
  • Low molcular weight components in meat products (HILIC-MS/MS)
  • Application of bioactive peptides to help fight life-style diseases

Current research

In the project Novel enzymes of industrial relevance (NOVENIA) newly discovered enzymes are tested for their ability to release bioactive peptides from milk proteins. Bioactivities such as angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE)-inhibition (reduced blood pressure), antioxidant activity (improve food shelf life), anti-inflammatory activity and antimicrobial activity are tested by high troughput in vitro tests, and active peptides are identified.


  • Teaching and responsible for the laboratorial exercises in the BSc course Food Chemistry 
  • Teaching on the master course Food Enzymes and Applications 
  • Coordinator in the PhD course Food Proteins: Significance, Reactions and Modifications
  • Coordinator in the PhD course Functional Milk Compounds, with focus on milk proteins 

PhD students:

Trine Desiree Damgaard, InSPIRe Bioactive meat hydrolysates and peptides  September 2011- December 2014. (René Lametch main supervisor). Co-supervisor.

Xiaolu Geng, Food grade nanostructures from whey protein,  September 2010 – December  2014.  (Richard Ipsen main supervisor). Co-supervisor.

Cristian De Gobba, NOVENIA (Novel Enzymes of Industrial Relevance) project WP5: Bioactivity of hydrolysates made with novel enzymes , August 2010- January 2014. Main supervisor.

Fransisco Javier Espejo Carpio, University of Grenada, Spain, “Fractionation of antihypertensive peptides from goat milk proteins hydrolysates”,  Mai-July 2011.  

Loreto Gutiez, University Complutense of Madrid, “Antihypertensive activity of milk fermented with recombinant LAB”,  September – December 2010.

Julio Manuel Broncano Antonio, University of Extremadura, Spain, “Antioxidant peptides from Iberian Chorizo sausages”, September – December 2009 + March 2010.

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