Sorivan Chhem Kieth
Sorivan Chhem Kieth


As an Industrial PhD student, my current project is pertaining to the stabilization of the heme-iron group isolated from pig blood to use as a food ingredient. It primarily aims at the formation of a red, stable heme adduct by (i) understanding the mechanisms involved in the formation of stable heme derivatives from the isolated heme group; (ii) establishing the stability of the adduct  in different storage conditions; and (iii) evaluating the addition of the stabilized heme derivative to meat products.

This project, called Stabilised heme group from blood as an ingredient for meat products (HEMEAT), is realized with the company Danish Crown Ingredients (DCi), under the KU supervision of Professor Jorge Ruiz Carrascal.

Primary fields of research

  • Meat Science & Technology
  • Meat Production & Processing
  • Chromatography & Spectrometry instrumental analysis
  • Spectroscopy instrumental analysis
  • Biochemistry

ID: 138752530