Sorivan Chhem Kieth

Sorivan Chhem Kieth



Feb 2014 – Jun 2014: AgResearch LTD; Hamilton, New-Zealand
Masters student in the Food Assurance and Meat Quality group 
Project: Investigation of saliva as a possible biomarker medium for small heat-shock proteins in animal stress and meat quality studies

Mar 2012 – Jul 2012: Labser LTDA, Laboratorio de Análisis y de Servicios Avanzados Limitada; Rancagua, Chile
Technical Analyst (Mass Spectrometry section)
Project: Validation of extraction method for pesticides multiresidue analysis in fruits and vegetables

Sep 2010 – Feb 2012: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Division of Nuclear Application in Food and Agriculture (NAFA); Vienna, Austria
Intern in the Food and Environmental Protection Laboratory 
Intern in the Water and Soil Management and Crop Nutrition Laboratory



2012 – 2014: Erasmus Mundus Master Course (MSc): Food of Life – The Science of Animal-Derived Foods (double Degree)
Masters of Science in Animal-Derived Foods, University of Copenhagen 
Masters of Science in Food Products of Animal Origin, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

2007 – 2010: Bachelor of Science (BSc): Biochemistry Degree
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada



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ID: 138752530