Pernille Greve Johansen

Pernille Greve Johansen


Primary fields of research:

  • Microbial ecology of fermented foods and microbial influence on fermentations from community to single cell level
  • Food fermentations, fermentation as flavour enhancer and improved nutritional value in dairy products, plant-based raw materials and indigenous foods
  • Starter cultures -lactic acid bacteria, yeast, moulds
  • Microbial interactions and biopreservation
  • Methods for identification of microorganisms from complex environments (sequencing etc.)


Co-course coordinator at "Microbiology of Fermented Food and Beverages" (MSc course)

Lecturer and exercise teacher at "Yeast Physiology and Applications" (MSc course)

Group supervisor at "Sustainable Innovation in Food Science "

ID: 95368320