Merete Bøgelund Munk

Merete Bøgelund Munk

Assistant professor

01-05-2014 — : Industrial Postdoc, AAK AB & University of Copenhagen

  • Titel of project supported by Innovation Fund Denmark: “Ice cream with reduced amount of saturated fat - a colloidal chemical approach”


01-01-2010 — 28-04-2014: Industrial PhD student, Palsgaard A/S & University of Copenhagen

  • Industrial PhD project concerning the mechanisms of emulsion destabilization in order to improve product quality of whipping cream based on vegetable fat.
  • Title of PhD thesis: “Physical stability of whippable oil-in-water emulsions. Effects of monoglyceride-based emulsifiers and other ingredients”.


01-02-2011 — 01-07-2011: Department of Food Science, University of Guelph, Canada

  • Research visit in the scientific group of Dr. Marangoni as a part of my PhD project


01-04-2007 — 31-12-2009: Research Assistant, University of Copenhagen, Department of Food Science

  • Worked on projects to develop methods to measure calcium-ions in milk during high pressure treatment
  • Worked on research project about investigating the fundamental mechanisms for light-induced oxidation of meat pigment, nitrosylmyoglobin
  • Teaching and development of master courses as part of a new master program “Gastronomy and Health”


2007: MSc degree in Food Science, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Science, Frederiksberg

  • Master thesis entitled “Enzymatic Improvement of Bread Containing Cassava Flour and Sour Starch” was carried out in cooperation with Novozymes, Bagsværd.


2004: BSc degree (engineer) in Food Science and Technology, KVL, Frederiksberg

  • Bachelor project entitled “Dry microencapsulation based on physical changes of the coating material” was carried out in cooperation with Danisco, New Application & Physical Food Science, Brabrand.




PhD in Food Chemistry

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