Helene Christine Reinbach

Helene Christine Reinbach

Associate Professor

My major research interest is focused on the promotion of sustainable diets and food systems drawing on my research experiences within the fields of public health nutrition, sensory and consumer science. I have recently been working on developing novel strategies to increase the meal experience  for people with smell loss and for elderly people. I am currently working on the EU project HealthFerm investigating the consumer perception and acceptance of plant-based innovative fermented foods and meals, hoping to promote a green dietary transition in Europe.

Research Areas

- Public Health and health promotion

- Consumer behaviour (especially children and elderly)

- Sensory Science (the trigeminal sense, the sense of smell)

- Sensory perception and appetite regulating effects of bioactive components

- Food waste



- Interventions (in local communities)

- Health campaigns (e.g. mass media campaigns)

- The Supersetting approach

- Surveys

- ”Mixed method” evaluation (e.g. action research, controlled intervention design)

- Sensory testing (Time-intensity, Profiling, Odour test kits)

- Meal studies to measure acceptance energy intake and appetite



I am Head of Studies for the Food Innovation and Health Master Programme. I teach at the following courses.  

- Meal Systems and Technology (MSc, 7.5 ECTS)

- Food and Meal Consumer Reseach (MSc, 7.5 ECTS)

-  Determinants of Food Consumption (MSc, 7.5 ECTS)

- Supervision within Food Innovation, Public Health, Sensory and Consumer Science (BSc theses, MSc theses, and projects outside of scope).

ID: 4373563