FOOD Mentor Network

At FOOD, we aim to support our graduate students on their journey into the job market after their studies. Therefore, in 2021, we initiated a mentor network designed to assist our students in clarifying how to enter the job market and understanding its dynamics. 

The program runs 1-2 times a year (autumn and/or spring). Both sessions have a common start and a final joint evaluation. There will be two intermediate sessions where mentor and mentees (2-4 students) participate. Historically, we have had a total of 10-12 students per session, helping them clarify their aspirations, and mentors gain insight into the challenges faced by recent graduates, inspiring them to reflect on their own career paths. Since our students are both Danish and international, the language in all groups will likely be English.

What: Four sessions of approximately 1-1.30 hours each during autumn 2024 - with the possibility to combine physical attendance with online sessions.

When: The timing of the sessions will be arranged between you and the small group of mentees you are assigned to. However, the start and end dates are fixed. The current spring 2024 program runs from February 19, 2024, to June 2024.

How: If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or if you are a student and want to hear more, please contact our education secretary, Farida Hdidouch, at