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The article review the major characteristics of the wild flora of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, compares it with the flora of similar areas at the same latitude (the Ethiopian flora is richer due to diverse typography), provides data on endemism (Ethiopia id caomparaticely rich in species that do not occure anuwhere else in the world), and specifies which families and genera of Ethiopian plants that are particularly unique or noteworthy.
Original languageGerman
Title of host publicationÄthiopien : Geschichte, Kultur, Herausforderungen
EditorsSiegbert Uhlig, David Appleyard, Alessandro Bausi, Wolfgang Hahn, Steven Kaplan
Place of PublicationWiesbaden
PublisherHarrassowitz Verlag
Publication date1 Nov 2018
ISBN (Print)978-3-447-11095-2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2018

ID: 209598856