19 June 2019


In the project, technological solutions are developed to meet the increased demand for especially proteins that can come from other green biomass such as cultivated grasses with high protein content (eg clover, alfalfa and ryegrass). Sidestreams from agricultural production such as tops of sugar beet and green biomass from nature conservation are also relevant. The project focuses on better utilization of existing resource flows through biorefining in order to support companies that in the future can create green growth. The project is working on the development of pilot-scale research infrastructure and biorefining processes with the aim of forming the basis for production of food based on soluble "white" protein and insoluble "green" protein, as well as other valuable components from green biomass. Pilot scale testing must ensure that the developed methods and products are scalable and profitable, and that any barriers of the utilization of components from green biomass are uncovered and minimized.

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