14 June 2018

FoodNexus Nordic

KIC project

FoodNexus: A consortium of companies and educational & research institutions in Europe, which together were applying for EU funds to create a pan-European innovation alliance (a food-KIC) with partners from excellent public and private players in the European food system.

  • A Nordic consortium of companies, research institutes, universities, public bodies, cluster organisations, industry federations and incubators within the food and adjacent sectors.
  • Was founded in 2010, building on previous Danish-Swedish cluster initiatives. At the General Assembly 1 June,2018, it was decided to close down FoodNexus Nordic.
  • The main purpose was to work for and secure that the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) would launch a call for a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) within the area of Food, and to submit a bid for a Food KIC with the best possible positioning of Nordic interests.
  • Had approx. 40 founding partners + engagement of a broad range of additional actors in the open activities
  • Had a strong portfolio of activities to strengthen the innovation eco-system across DK-SE borders and to generate growth, including alignment of agendas at regional, national and Nordic level.

Material about FoodNexus Nordic:

(Contact Kirstine Haugaard Nielsen if you need a copy of one or more of the following documents)

  • Organisation and facts
  • Statutes
  • Board 2018
  • Fact sheets
  • Nordic Assets, paper
  • Position paper, Developing the Nordic Food Partnership
  • Power Point presentations from the General Assemblies (2012-2018)
    • 13.06.2012
    • 30.10.2012
    • 05.04.2013
    • 10.04.2014
    • 16.04.2015
    • 24.02.2016
    • 15.05.2017
    • 01.06.2018
  • Reports and surveys
  • Interreg V Project Final Report
  • Survey for the industry, August 2017
  • Next practices for Education in a changing Food System
  • Next practices for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Business Opportunity Areas
  • Foodbest Catalogue (BOA )
  • GUDP – Development opportunities in the food sector