30 December 2017


The aim of the research project inVALUABLE is to create a sustainable industry for animal protein production based on insects. The partners include a leading international and a future Danish insect producer, as well as experts in biology (entomology and nutrition), automation, processing, food safety and legislation. The goal is that inVALUABLE can facilitate Danish industrial insect production and be an enabler of new market opportunities for insects as feed, food and other high-value components.

The vision of inVALUABLE is to establish a sustainable resource-efficient system for animal protein production based on insects. The partners span the entire value chain and include entrepreneurs, experts in biology (entomology and nutrition), biotech, automation, processing and food tech and -safety, as well as an international leading insect producer. This interaction of competences is key to lifting insect production to an industrial level.

The project operates at an applied research level with focus on three main areas:

  1. Biological knowledge of the production organisms (e.g. reproduction, production environment, dietary needs and health)
  2. Mechanization, automation and monitoring of production
  3. Documentation of the safety, health and nutritional value of the product (e.g. supported by state-of-the-art animal feeding studies)

The goal is that inVALUABLE, 3-5 years post-project, will facilitate future Danish insect production and be an ‘enabler’ of new market opportunities for insects as feed and food and other high-value components, with an overall commercial value of several hundred million DKK annually and creating 100-200 related jobs. Hence, inVALUABLE has great potential to make a strong impact on developing a circular bioeconomy-based feed and food production system - generating a new industry with ample business opportunities.

The role of Design and Consumer Behaviour researchers in the project is to suggest and develop food products based on the insects that can be farmed by the partners that develop insect farming (Danish Technological Institute and Ausumgaard).

Start date: January 2017

End date: December 2019

Grant donor: Innovation Fund Denmark

FOOD grant: 500,000 DKK

Total budget: 26,600,000 DKK