27 March 2015

Uniqueness of Danish sparkling wines and ciders

Danish sparkling wines and ciders have a great potential to become specialty products in export markets, where the local identity of Danish sparkling wines and ciders will carry a high appeal of originality in globalized food markets.  

The project aims to characterize the sensory and chemical profiles of sparkling wines and ciders produced from different grape and apples varieties grown in Denmark and from utilizing different fermentation techniques. 

The sensory properties of sparkling wines and ciders desired by consumers in Europe and Asia will be investigated in order to support the development of products best suited to specific foreign markets. The characterization studies will also provide scientific evidence for future European certification, such as protected designation of origin and protected geographical indications.

Danish wine production

Wine producers in Denmark wish to produce wines with EU certification labels to promote their quality image and sensory uniqueness.

Wine producers in Denmark plan to produce wines with a certified local identity. Photo: Jannie Vestergaard.

Currently, the commercial wine and cider production in Denmark is relatively small; however, it is expected to grow due to better crop yields resulting from higher growing temperatures as a consequence of global warming. Current products are characterized by a high sensory quality, but need further objective studies carried out on their unique sensory properties. 

Original title: Danish Sparkling Wines and Ciders in relation to their Sensory and Chemical Uniqueness and Identity in Emerging International Markets

Start date: September 2013

End date: August 2017

Grant donor: China Scholarship Council

FOOD grant: DKK 306,000

Total grant: DKK 306,000