22 April 2015

Taste for life

This interdisciplinary, collaborative project will focus on the taste of food as a driving force for learning, education, food literacy and good practice.

Taste is a fundamental condition of life for all of us; it is with us every day, all day and throughout life, and it is a prerequisite for a good and healthy life.

The centre’s overall goal is to create a basis for better and richer lives for the Danish population.

The purpose of the project is to obtain and use research-based knowledge to create general understanding about and practice of taste as a basic condition for a good life.

Interdisciplinary research

A centre without walls will be established. The centre will deal with: 

  • taste experiences and acquisition of knowledge and skills relevant to taste literacy and taste competence;
  • implementation of sensory knowledge and cooking know-how to produce positive taste expe­riences; and
  • use of taste as a theme for integrating different scientific disciplines, and as key for food innovation and developing new food preparation techniques.

By integrating taste, learning, didactics and communication, the project will focus on three main areas: sensory sciences and didactics; gastrophysics and the integration of scientific disciplines; and innovation and honing of culinary skills.

The various levels of action across these different areas involve raw materials and processes, research and development, cooking and gastronomy, testing and practice, as well as public outreach.

Original title: SmagForLivet

Start date: July 2014

End date: June 2018

Grant donor: Nordeafonden

FOOD grant: DKK 3,287,000  

Total budget: DKK 42,051,000

Total grant: DKK 37,623,000