9 December 2014

Biopolymer based food delivery systems - BIBAFOODS

The BIBAFOODS Initial Training Network (ITN) will give young researchers the scientific and entrepreneurial skills that will qualify them to develop the future sustainable food industry.

Functionalising food to deliver active components such as enzymes and bacteria to the human gastro-intestinal digestive tract or using such active components for faster and more environmentally friendly food production is of growing commercial and scientific interest.

The scientific focus of the research training is on colloidal delivery systems to protect and deliver active components via foods, resulting in novel functional foods.

Progress in colloidal delivery systems requires a combined understanding of the components for formulation (e.g. biopolymers), the active components (e.g. enzymes and bacteria) and the interactions at the different stages of food formulation, processing, storage and digestion.

Innovative aspects of the training programme

The BIBAFOODS network will provide real interdisciplinary training covering physical chemistry (colloidal and interfacial science), enzymology and microbiology.

The BIBAFOODS network is the first international network addressing food delivery systems – an important and economically relevant area. Private industrial partners are strongly involved to promote the practical exploitation of the research findings.

Among its innovative aspects is that it will highlight the change from mainly research-oriented network wide training activities in the first year of the PhD to industry-relevant complementary skills in the following years, and career planning for the post-doc period in the third year, which reflects the changing focus from academic lab work to industrial jobs also outside research after the successful PhD examination.

Original title: Biopolymer Based Food Delivery Systems - BIBAFOODS

Start date: February 2014

End date: January 2018

EU Seventh Framework Programme


FOOD grant: DKK 6,473,000

Total grant: EUR 3,765,000