15 May 2018

Wild Aperitivo at University of Copenhagen

food event

The Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen presents Wild Aperitivo as part of the 4th Wild & Feral Food Week 2018.

Picture:Julia Sick

The event takes place 24 maj 2018 kl. 15:00 - 18:30 at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Food Science, Auditorium A2-11.01 (CPSCI), Bülowsvej 21 A, 1870 Frederiksberg. Get your tickets on Billetto.

The 4th Wild & Feral Food Week 2018 (Berkeley Open Source Food - BOSF) connects producers, suppliers, markets, and restaurants to create a space for wild and feral edible plants to provide interesting, delicious ingredients for consumers and chefs.

At this occasion, the Nordic Food Lab at the Department of Food Science (FOOD) contributes with the Wild Aperitivo event to showcase the delicious potential of wild and feral foods in our own community. The Wild Aperitivo is an informal forum, where people can address their views with an amount of passion of a specific subject related to food. A forum from where dialogues and discussions between sciences, craftsmanship and industry take place to stimulate the appetite for progress. 

Read more about Monday Aperitivo at the University of Copenhagen.

We will offer lectures, showcases, discussions, and small tastings on wild foods presented by our special guest Professor from UC Berkeley and founder of BOSF, Philip B. Stark, as well as Head of R&D at Nordic Food Lab, Roberto Flore, Chef Søren Ejlersen from Årstiderne, Mixologists Mads Schack and Hardeep Rehal.

Join us on informative lectures and be part of our interactive showcases that highlight the use of wild food in gastronomy!