19 March 2018

New Urban Farming initiative

Urban Farming

5 institutes at the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen has identified research areas with relevance to Urban Farming and have joined forces to create an Urban Farming Science profile.

Department of Food Science (FOOD) are part of a newly formed Urban Farming initiative that goes across a number of institutes at the Faculty of SCIENCE. The other institutes are: Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO), Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (IGN), Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports (NEXS) and Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (PLEN).

Together, these institutes house a number of research areas with relevance to Urban Farming and therefore have joined forces to create a joint Urban Farming profile. The initiative is established with the aim to make already existing knowledge visible but also greatly to promote future research, public sector consultancy, collaborations and educations related to urban farming in a broader sense.

Urban Farming as a scientific theme has the potential to be applied in a multidisciplinary approach towards some of the basic societal challenges that the future of agricultural production is facing.

An essential part of the urban farming profiling activity is also to map, share and grow the knowledge, experiences and interest that already exists at our departments.  Thus hopefully being able to make connections and strengthen internal networking and inspiration to pursue initiatives related to urban farming.

This work will continue further on

For now, the working group has developed a homepage, unfortunately, it is only in Danish at the moment but we will extend to an English version later on.


Please contact Nanna Viereck (nav@food.ku.dk) or Mette Frimodt (memo@plen.ku.dk) for any further questions.