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Dilution of drinks analysed through fluorescence

Educational level:Master thesis
Target group:MSc Food Science and Technology
Main area:Chemometrics and Analytical Technology
Project description:

It is well known that the fluorescence signal of dense drink products can only be measured using the so-called front-face setup. However, even though the signal through the use of front-face will be better than if one uses the regular 90 degree setup, there are several interferents to the signal. The main ones here are Resonance Energy Transfer and quenching. The idea behind this project is to take a couple of drink products and slowly dilute them, analysing them by fluorescence at each dilution step, and subsequently analyse each sample either separately or together using chemometrics, and more precisely multiway analysis. It is hypothesized that this will give novel information on the Resonance Energy Transfer systems within the samples.

Keywords:Fluorescence, Resonance Energy Transfer, Proteins, Food drinks
Supervisor(s): Åsmund Rinnan
Last edited:28-01-2019