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Estimating the degree of acidification in ester production

Educational level:Master thesis
Target group:MSc Food Science and Technology
Main area:Chemometrics and Analytical Technology
Project description:

The project goal is to make a rapid method for the estimation of the degree of acidification in an ester synthesis. Currently this is done in the laboratory, but Dupont would like to do this at-line with a NIR instrument. The project will run in the lab at Dupont, where the student has to decide on a relevant experimental design together with the supervisors, at least including pressure and temperature. All samples from the pilot plant trial will be measured both by the reference method, as well as both by the lab-NIR and the at-line NIR instrument. The final step is to make calibration models between the different NIR instruments and the reference data. In addition, it is of interest to investigate if the calibration can be transferred between the two instruments. This project is done in close collaboration with Dupont, and it is expected that the student will spend most of his/ her time at Dupont in Århus.

Keywords:Spectroscopy, Chemometrics, Process
Supervisor(s): Åsmund Rinnan and Carina Lomborg (Dupont)
Last edited:28-01-2019