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Master thesis project – collaboration between KU and Chr. Hansen A/S – Spring 2020. Oxidative status of probiotic oil drop products

Educational level:Master thesis, Master thesis
Target group:MSc Food Science and Technology
MSc Food Innovation and Health
Main area:Ingredients and Dairy Technology
Project description:

Probiotics are widely used within dietary supplements for a variety of gastro-intestinal (GI) conditions. The use of probiotics is often in a freeze-dried state in dry formulations to achieve a year-long shelf stable product. Chr. Hansen A/S has developed a liquid based product – with room temperature storage – which is the freeze-dried bacteria dispersed in an oil. Both the bacteria and the oil can be oxidized with a subsequent change in taste and smell for the oil and with a subsequent change in color for the bacteria. By appropriate choice of starting materials, the use of nitrogen during production and smart choice of primary packaging materials – the oxidative status can be controlled. The above-mentioned changes for the oil and the bacteria are not necessarily associated with a decrease in microbiological activity for the product, but nevertheless the change in appearance of the product may from a consumer perspective be seen as an alteration of the product.

This thesis covers the investigation of the use of different methods to describe the oxidative status of probiotic oil drop products. An internal CH electronic nose model will be evaluated as to be used for investigating changes in smell of the products during storage. Existing product formulations based on different oils will be investigated.

Literature part:
- Theory behind oil oxidation the different kind of colorations
- Methods to evaluate oxidative status and color

Practical part:
- Collection of product samples representing different product formulations
- Testing using chosen methods for oxidative status and color
- Testing of CH internal “electronic nose model”
- Data evaluation and conclusion

Involved in the project will be:
Chr. Hansen A/S: Lone Kurtmann ( and Mette Ingemann (, Product Design, Human Health.
University of Copenhagen: Mogens Larsen Andersen ( and Jens Risbo
(, Ingredient and Daily Technology, Department of Food Science.

The practical work will be performed at the Chr. Hansen site in Hoersholm, Bøge Alle 10-12 and at Ingredient and Dairy Technology, Department of Food Science, Rolighedsvej 26 (Bus 15E drives from Nørreport station to Bøge Alle 10-12).

Supervisor(s): Mogens Larsen Andersen and Jens Risbo
Last edited:09-01-2020