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The colloidal stability of oat-based beverages

Educational level:Master thesis
Target group:MSc Food Science and Technology
Main area:Chemometrics and Analytical Technology
Design and Consumer Behavior
Project description:


Plant-based-beverage is among products gaining benefit from plant-based diet trending currently. The product is an extract of plant and has “milky” consistency and seldom marketed as a dairy replacer. There are various plants currently used with oat-based products as the most recent rising-star. The sales of oat-based-products increased by 76% in Britain in 2017, and 69% in the US in 2018 (Nielsen, 2018; The Economist, 2018). However, the product is a suspension of extract from fragments of plant materials and it is relatively heterogenous. Hence, the physical stability greatly reduced compared to more homogenous colloid like cow’s milk. The project aim to investigate the physical colloidal changes in relation to the molecular changes with spectroscopic method in combination with chemometrics.


The objectives of this study are below:

1.      To evaluate the difference in physical parameters of various oat-based beverages products

2.      To use spectroscopic method to monitor the chemical parameters of the products with importance to colloidal stability


The study will follow the experimetal design below:


  1. Oat source
    1. Oat flour
    2. Oat bran
  2. Enzyme ratio


  1. Physical
    1. Microscopy
    2. Rheometer
    3. MasterSizer
    4. ZetaSizer
  2. Spectroscopy
    1. FT-IR
    2. Fluorescence

A stability profile resulting from Lumifuge measurement (performed prior to the thesis) will be used as a comparison to the results from this study.

Duration of project: 30 ECTS

Keywords:Oat drink, Stability, Spectroscopy, Multivariate Data Analysis
Supervisor(s): Åsmund Rinnan, Tiffany Patra and Karsten Olsen
Last edited:02-10-2019