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Resolving NMR spectra of detergents

Educational level:Master thesis
Target group:MSc Food Science and Technology
Main area:Chemometrics and Analytical Technology
Project description:

Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions for various industries and enzymes for detergents has historically been one of the biggest business areas. In the near future, new projects will address this further in attempts to substitute even more chemicals in detergents with biological solutions. Quantitative knowledge of the detergent composition is important when screening for performance boosting enzymes, since surfactants, bleaching components, etc. can affect enzyme activity. We have recently investigated the use of NMR spectroscopy for the analysis of detergent compositions. However, the method is limited by manual spectral assignment and calculations. In the suggested project, an automated method should be constructed that can provide quantitative information about different ingredients in detergent samples. The project will be in close collaboration with Novozymes and the student can be located both at KU and/or at Novozymes’ Innovation Campus in Lyngby. NMR spectra (1H and HSQC) of selected detergents and ingredients are already available (at 400 MHz resolution).

Keywords:NMR, Spectroscopy, Multivariate data analysis, Multivariate Curve Resolution
Supervisor(s): Åsmund Rinnan and Jesper Brask (Novozymes)
Last edited:06-11-2019