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Stivelse og pectin/andre hydrokolloider i vingummi

Educational level:Bachelor project, Master thesis
Target group:BSc Fødevarer og ernæring
MSc Food Science and Technology
MSc Food Innovation and Health
Main area:Ingredients and Dairy Technology
Project description:

 Development of a medicated vegan gummy formulation with modified starch that can be produce with reusable silicone molds, while maintaining desirable sensory properties.
 Gummies and jellies are characterized by a firm structure with a softness and chewiness texture. The traditional shaping technique for gummies is moulding in starch. Basically,  the cooked sugar mass is cast into pre-printed starch powder (see the below) and during this step the moulding starch take up water and other water-soluble ingredients from the sugar mass, therefore “water-soluble ingredients” can be found in the next batch. That means a risk of contamination.
Medicated and vitamin gummies are a growing trend especially in Canada during the last couple of years. Due to the risk of cross-contamination, starch molds are not desirable for pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, the additives/vitamins are not heat stable; meaning the sugar mass should be cooled as soon as possible to avoid degradation.

It needs to be clarified and documented, if it possible to use a modified starch that can form and firm up very fast e.g. 30 minutes in reusable silicone molds, while maintaining desirable sensory properties and stability during shelf life.

 Develop a medicated vegan gummy formulation that can be produce with reusable silicone molds, preferably that will set within 30 min. 
How the vegan gummy reacts after 3 to 6 month’s reg.  Sweating, texture, water, content Aw, pH.   

Testing three different starches
Testing pectin/starch blends
Testing carrageenan/starch blends


Keywords:gums, jellies, pectin, starch
Supervisor(s):   Maria Elena C. G. Hansen
Last edited:07-05-2019