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Cultured Meat

Educational level:Bachelor project
Target group:BSc Fødevarer og ernæring
MSc Food Innovation and Health
MSc Food Science and Technology
Main area:Ingredients and Dairy Technology
Project description:

Different scientific communities have proved, that it is possible to grow meat cells in a lab. So far the products are not available for consumption, but this may happen soon. However, many questions regarding production upscaling and integration with existing meat productions remain unclear.  The assignment is to investigate the current status with regard to cultured meat. Examples of issues to be addressed are:  

What is the ideal fed for in vitro meat? What technical challenges will there be during upscaling?  Should fat cells also be cultured or is it more feasible to add fat from conventional meat production? Will taste and color develop when no traditional post mortem changes occur? What kind of meat products can be produced and how would this potentially integrate with existing meat production? And what is the magnitude of climate benefits to be expected from in vitro meat compared to traditional meat production?  

In this project you should make an extensive review, gathering and summarizing all relevant available literature. We would like to know the most important arguments for and against  converting conventional meat production to cultured meat production. The review will serve as important information when the Danish Meat Research Institute advices the meat industry about what to expect from the novel technology of lab grown meat. Please note that no experimental work is part of the project.


Keywords:cultured meat , sustainability
Supervisor(s): Christian Vestergaard (DMRI-TI), René Lametsch (Food)
Last edited:09-04-2019