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Investigating the structuring of proteins in the gut

Educational level:Bachelor project
Target group:BSc Fødevarer og ernæring
Main area:Ingredients and Dairy Technology
Project description:

Main subject area

Dairy and non-dairy protein structures during gastric digestion and influence on digestion     

Short project description

Food structure changes during digestion, e.g. during the gastric phase, and how these structures influence digestion and nutrient uptake, is to a large extent unknown. Due to the acid conditions in the gastric phase large structural changes are expected from proteins in the food matrix. It is proposed to investigate the structural behavior of various protein types during the gastric phase, using a semi-dynamic in-vitro model of the gut, as described by Infogest. The products will be analyzed for their macro and microstructure, as well as the breakdown of protein.

The project involves a literature review, selection of relevant proteins and selection of a food model system. Experimental work involves optimization of the gut model, macroscopic and microscopic structure characterization and protein digestion analysis.

Physical location of the project:

DuPont Nutrition BioSciences ApS, Braband Campus

The project will be co-supervised by Finn Madsen, DuPont Nutrition and Health.



Keywords:proteins, digestion
Supervisor(s): Richard Ipsen
Last edited:04-03-2019