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Automatic determination of rennet strength

Educational level:Master thesis
Target group:MSc Food Science and Technology
MSc Food Innovation and Health
Main area:Chemometrics and Analytical Technology
Project description:

Chr.Hansen A/S is producing enzymes (rennet) for coagulating milk when making cheese. The rate by which the enzyme is acting is important to know for the cheese maker. Thus, a reliable method for determining rennet strength is crucial for CH. Currently the method is based on visual assessment by a technician which is slow and resource-demanding. An automatic method should have a reproducibility of <5% and could be based e.g. on image analysis or spectroscopy. The project will be a collaboration between Chr. Hansen and the CAT group at FOOD

Keywords:Chemometrics, Data analysis, Machine learning
Supervisor(s): Rasmus Bro
Last edited:12-12-2018