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Research at Department of Food Science (FOOD)

The research at FOOD ranges from food microbiology, food chemistry, food analysis, metabolomics over molecular and technological functionality, food processing technology, exploratory data analysis to gastronomy, sensory quality and consumer perception. See FOOD's research projects below. 

ELDORADO: Personalised cost-effective supply of food and meals for elderly people

The ELDORADO research project convey knowledge about food acceptance in the elderly and prevent malnutrition by stimulating food intake and optimizing the elderly meals.

COUNTERSTRIKE: Counteracting sarcopenia with proteins and exercise

The research project COUNTERSTRIKE focuses on developing a tool for quickly evaluating age-related loss of skeletal muscle (sarcopenia) and preventing it through protein supplements and exercise.

BIBAFOODS: Development of functional foods

BIBAFOODS' research develops biopolymer based food delivery systems. The focus is on colloidal dosing systems, which bring active components into the body through functional foods.

Research divided into sections at FOOD