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Design and Consumer Behavior projects

The list is ordered alphabetically according to project title. Click the title to see details.

Aroma of freshly baked bread
Supervisor: Mikael Agerlin Petersen

Consumption and acceptance of plant-based designed dishes
Supervisor: Armando Peréz-Cueto

Flavours in 8 specialty NCB Cheese Powders
Supervisor: Mikael Agerlin Petersen, René Lametsch

Interaction of milk proteins and stabilizers after high hydrostatic pressure and/or thermal treatment as studied by fluorescence spectroscopy
Supervisor: Karsten Olsen (UCPH, DCB), Vibeke Orlien (UCPH, DCB), Åsmund Rinnan (UCPH, CAT), Jens Møller (CPKelco)

Lingual tactile sensitivity between Asian and Caucasian consumers
Supervisor: Jing Liu

New food products from dried Mushroom granules
Supervisor: Michael Bom Frøst

Opioid peptides
Supervisor: Jeanette Otte

Sampling at Castus
Supervisor: Åsmund Rinnan (UCPH, CAT),Vibeke Orlien (UCPH, DCB), Karsten Olsen (UCPH, DCB)

Sensory and volatile profile of whey powder ingredients
Supervisor: Sandra Stolzenbach Wæhrens, Therese Jansson

Smooshers’ sense of texture
Supervisor: Sandra Stolzenbach Wæhrens

The effect of protein-enriched food intake over 8 weeks intervention
Supervisor: Sandra Stolzenbach Wæhrens

Virtual reality
Supervisor: Wender Bredie

When the day's meals becomes a life threat
Supervisor: Wender Bredie